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A new Zeppelin - 
the Zeppelin NT N07 
(NT = New Technology) 



The CargoLifter Project - 
with this Airship will heavy freights
up to 160 tons be transported 
in the near future...

In this time the Airships are more popular and fascinating than a long time before... Many new projects, which are airship-related, are in process of development or already built. They show many new perspectives in many ways...
The first Zeppelin NT, that did it's maiden flightder on Oktober 18th, 1999, recieved on April 26th, 2001 the type certification of the Luftfahrt Bundesamt - the second NT will be used for tourism and starts the operation within the year 2001.
In November 2000 the construction of the CargoLifter hagar was finished. The CargoLifter CL160-P1 (P1= Prototype 1) will now be started to build at Brand. This airship will be the largest airship ever built - even bigger than the "Hindenburg"... 
But... also the "small" advertising blimps make a big contribution to the fascination "Airship" (... even if they are no Zeppelins...) 
For comparison :
LZ 129 "Hindenburg" CargoLifter CL160 P1
lenght of the airship: 804 ft   (245 m) 853 ft   (260 m)
max. diameter: 135 ft   (41,2 m) 213 ft   (65 m)
volume / capacity: 7'062'890 ft³ (200.000 m³) 19'422'950 ft³ (550.000 m³)
But what are the differences between Airships?
Basicly the Airships are divided into three "basic classes":
   1.     The non-rigid airships , also called Blimps (like the most advertising blimps) 

   2.     The semi-rigid- or keel-airships (for example the CargoLifter) 
   3.     The rigid airship (like the old Zeppelin-Airships) 

Special pages about modern airships

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