The Goodyear-Airship
"Spirit of Europe II"

The Goodyear-Blimp "Spirit of Europe II" is, like the most advertising blimps, an airship of a non-rigid type - also known as Blimps. This rather small airship is a so-called Type A-60 Lightship. These Type A-60 Blimps of the Lightship Group, which is domiciled in the USA and GB, are specificated by the following technical data:


ca. 39,6 m (130 feet)


ca. 10,4 m (  34 feet) 


ca. 13,4 m (  44 feet)


ca. 2.000 m³  (70.000 cft)

Gondola lenght

ca.   4,3 m (  14 feet)

Gondola width

ca.   1,5 m (    5 feet)


max. 5 incl. Pilot


2x 68HP Limbach L-2000

Fuel capacity

ca. 270 l (60 gallons)


max. ca. 85 km/h (46 knots)

Flight capacity

ca. 15 Stunden

Turning radius

ca. 228,6 m (750 feet)


At the moment there are two A-60 "Goodyear"-Lightships based in Europe for advertising and also for filming at sportevents. Because of the very low vibrations inside the gondola and the possibility to stay very long above the operational area without such a high energy demand - for example comparing to a helicopter - airships are predestinated for these tasks.


Undisputed is -especially for the Lightships- the advertising value. Not only during the day this airship is a feast for the eyes, especially if it's getting dark and the night is closing in! By two 1,000 watt lamps insidethe envelope the whole blimp can be illuminated...   A spectacle you'll keep in mind - simply dreamy!

Here I want to thank the "Spirit of Europe II" - Crew  for the unforgettable hours. They were all sofriendly and helpfull...  So, I ca
n only say one more time...

Many, many thanks to all of you...

Yours "Zeppelin-Fan" Jens Schenkenberger

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