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Companies / Commercial Sites:

21st Century Airships

Advanced Hybrid

Airship Management
Services (Skyship 600)

Airship Operations

Airship Technologies
(AT-04, Sky Cat)

American Blimp Corp.
(Bauen Lightships)

Argos Medien AG, Berlin
(WWA 40B-18)

CargoLifter AG, Berlin
(CL 160 P1, "Joey",
Skyship 600B)

Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG
(WDL 1b, Tour 2001)

Fagor, Spain
(A-60+ Lightship)

Flytex Airship-

Fuji Film USA
(Skyship 600)

Global Skyship Ind.
(official Skyship HP)

Goodyear USA
(off. Goodyear HP)

Goodyear Germany
(off. Goodyear HP)

Interface Airships

The Lightship Group
(off. Operator of Lightships)


(A-60+, Germany-Tour 2001)

(2x A-60+ Lightships)

Rigid Airship Design


Skyship Cruise Ltd.

(138 S - Blimp) Airship

Westdeutsche Luftwerbung
Luftschiffgesellschaft mbH

(WDL-Blimps, 1a & 1b)

World Wide Aeros
(Aeros 40A, B, C, ...)

Zeppelin Luftschiff
Technik G.m.b.H.
(Zeppelin NT)


Associations / Institutions:

Airship Association

Airships Unlimited Inc.
("Blimp Port")




Zeppelin-Basen TØNDER
(Tondern, Danmark))

(Friedrichshafen, Germany)

private Pages / others:

Luftschiffseiten of Michael Häfner - one of the Top-Sites about Airships in the net, with suberb pics. Contains a lot of information about Zeppelin NT and other EU-Airships - highly recommended !
(Site in German only)

Airships by John Dziadecki - really comprehesive site in english language
Düsseldorfer Airship-Pages by Thomas Herten - Site about Airship Port Düsseldorf & more
Hot Airship by Roland Escher - english Homepage with really comprehesive pages and link collection, especially about hotair blimps, too.
Luftschiff Zeppelin by Andreas Krug - site in german incl. a picture gallery
The Airshipweapon of the Army by Harry C. Redner - comprehesive site about german army airships in german and english
The R 100 in Canada - page about R 100 in enlish language
Zeppeline by Achim Schmidtmann - in english language
Zeppelin-Page by Jörg Lohmann -in german language